August 5th

Dear KPSA Families-

The KPSA BOD is asking that parents please refrain from sending us individual emails with questions that we are un able to answer. At this time we are refraining from answering individual emails as we do not have any answers to questions other than what has already been conveyed. We want to see the kids out there playing as much as you do however, this is still out of our control. We ask that you take a moment to scroll down and read all of the "updates" provided in this thread. Here are a few more q&a that may assist with any lingering questions;

Q -When will the last call for registration take place?

A- We do not know. That depends on if and when BAYS and MYSA clear us for a season. Q- How long will last call be open for and how how will I be notified? A- We will notify anyone who is in the KPSA data base, we will post it here on our web site, we will notify all of the tri towns registrars and Presidents. We will leave it open as long as as we can. Please check this site frequently if you are concerned about missing a message. Ask friends who have kids that are already registered to notify you should they receive an email.

Q - I did not see an area to volunteer to coach when I registered.

A- Correct, In can effort to streamline this process given all of the uncertainty of the future, there is no area to volunteer or purchase uniforms. We will send further instructions for both should we be fortunate enough to have a season in the fall.

We are hopeful to send all good news sometime in the near future.

Best to all of the families and stay safe.