August 16

KPSA has extended registration for another 24 hours. If you have not completed check out, please log in to your admin sports account no later than tomorrow at noon and complete registration. For any questions on registration including refunds and the season please read the information below in its entirety.

The governor released new guidance today covering the playing of youth sports. It is linked here: phase-iii-

The guidance contains significant modifications to soccer that need to be understood and adjusted to.

The BAYS season start date was pushed out by one week until September 19.

The plan would be to still release a 10-week BAYS schedule, the first week (9/12) would be an automatic “rain-out” to be made up during the season. At our next BOD meeting they will discuss and vote on extending the make up window for the fall season so that teams have time to schedule this game.

Reasons behind the schedule change: Mass Youth Soccer specific guidance is scheduled to come out 8/14 and town clubs will have more time to be able to digest the new changes in the coming week Towns can then work with their Health Boards to determine any additional issues on a town-specific basis that might affect their ability to play in BAYS Towns would hopefully then have a higher degree of certainty in being able to participate in BAYS and thus their team entries will be more realistic

This puts our season start AFTER the 9/16 “start” of school, which feels better — MIAA also came out today with a decision to delay any “start” to their fall sports schedules until 9/16 as well.

Given the unprecedented circumstances, and since we do not have time for a formal vote on this matter, I am putting this out there so that clubs are aware. The majority of the Executive Committee and the Fall Scenario Planning committee members agree with this recommendation.