Closed- Spring Registration

Dear KPSA Families:

Happy New Year to all and we hope that everyone is safe and healthy.  We will be opening Spring Registration today January 20, 2022, and will close registration on January 30, 2022.  

Due to the time restraints placed upon the towns/organizations from BAYS, we will likely not be able to offer a wait-list after the close of registration. Therefore, we encourage everyone who would like to play in the spring to register now. Registration is open to participants in grades 7-12.   BAYS does intend to have a season as they did in the Fall with some "modifications" and alterations to the rules.  We do not have those answers or guidelines yet but will update our website as we obtain that information.  

Here is what we can tell you now:

  • Grades 7/8 season will begin on Saturday, April 9, and end on June 11.  Most games will take place on Saturdays. Games will be scheduled on the Memorial Day weekend for grades 7/8.
  • Grades 9/12 season will be scheduled to start Sunday, April 24, and end June 12. HS Games will NOT be scheduled on the Memorial Day weekend.
  • BAYS is fully intending on a season. Should the season be canceled due to state protocols changing for any reason KPSA will provide all families with a refund minus the $10 administrative fee charged by BAYS. 

PLEASE NOTE: If you would like to coach please click the "Volunteer" option during registration and select "Coach". Emails and notes in registration will not be considered.  

KPSA is seeking new volunteers and Board Members for various duties. If you are interested in serving our soccer-playing community by joining the board, please proceed with the same "volunteer" option mentioned above and select the "Board Member" option.  We will contact you directly. 


You can register by linking to admin sports through our website at 

Please note that we are unable to provide more information on details surrounding the specifics of the Spring season.  We will relay information as it is received.   Additionally, the only email address that is monitored is [email protected].  (This is the fastest way to reach the board, and recommended.)