Fall Tryout Schedule Update

Dear KPSA Families

Due to a large graduation taking place on June 16th, the BOD has worked with Challenger Sports and we have moved both Boys and Girls to June 17th. please refer to the email you received yesterday as all of the information is still pertinent aside from there will be no evaluations on June 16th.

Boys and girls will try out separately on separate fields with different evaluators. We will set up two lines on the 17th for check in, one for boys and one for girls. Again, please see the last email with times and locations. 

As mentioned there will be much more information to follow so we appreciate your patience, We ask that you mark your calendars and check our website frequently for any updates. 

We look forward to seeing all of the kids on the 17th and will be in touch. 

As a reminder, if you have not registered and completed check out, please do so asap. 


Thank you in advance!


Open Spring Registration

Dear KPSA Families:

Happy New Year to all and we hope that everyone is safe and healthy. After several meetings and discussions with other organizations, the Board of The King Philip Soccer Association has decided that we will participate in the upcoming session of soccer with BAYS.  Accordingly we will be opening Spring Registration today January 14, 2021 and will close registration on January 27, 2021.  

Due to the time restraints placed upon the towns/organizations from BAYS, we will likely not be able to offer a wait-list after the close of registration. Therefore, we encourage everyone who would like to play in the spring to register now. Registration is open to participants in grades 7-12.   BAYS does intend to have a season as they did in the Fall with some "modifications" and alterations to the rules.  We do not have those answers or guidelines yet, but will update our website as we do.  

Here is what we can tell you now:

  • Grades 7/8 season will begin on Saturday April 10 and end on June 12.  Most games will take place on Saturdays. Games will be scheduled on the Memorial Day weekend for grades 7/8.
  • Grades 9/12 season will be scheduled to start Sunday April 25 and end June 13. HS Games will NOT be scheduled on the Memorial Day weekend.
  • BAYS is fully intending on a season. Should the season be cancelled due to state protocols changing for any reason KPSA will provide all families with a refund minus the $10 administrative fee charged by BAYS. 
  • Uniforms- KPSA will be providing T-shirts to all registered players free of charge as we did in the fall. If you played this fall please use the T shirt you were provided. If you are a new player and did not play in the fall, you will be provided with one. 

PLEASE NOTE: If you would like to coach please click the "Volunteer" option during registration and select "Coach". Emails and notes in registration will not be considered.  

KPSA is seeking new volunteers and Board members for various duties. If you are interested in serving our soccer playing community by joining the board, please proceed with the same "volunteer" option mentioned above and select the "Board Member" option.  We will contact you directly. 


You can register by linking to admin sports through our web site at https://secure.adminsports.net/kingphilipmasoccer 

Please note that we are unable to provide more information on details surrounding the specifics of the Spring season.  We will relay information as it is received.   Additionally, the only email address that is monitored is: [email protected].  (This is the fastest way to reach the board, and recommended.)

August 16

KPSA has extended registration for another 24 hours. If you have not completed check out, please log in to your admin sports account no later than tomorrow at noon and complete registration. For any questions on registration including refunds and the season please read the information below in its entirety.

The governor released new guidance today covering the playing of youth sports. It is linked here: phase-iii-

The guidance contains significant modifications to soccer that need to be understood and adjusted to.

The BAYS season start date was pushed out by one week until September 19.

The plan would be to still release a 10-week BAYS schedule, the first week (9/12) would be an automatic “rain-out” to be made up during the season. At our next BOD meeting they will discuss and vote on extending the make up window for the fall season so that teams have time to schedule this game.

Reasons behind the schedule change: Mass Youth Soccer specific guidance is scheduled to come out 8/14 and town clubs will have more time to be able to digest the new changes in the coming week Towns can then work with their Health Boards to determine any additional issues on a town-specific basis that might affect their ability to play in BAYS Towns would hopefully then have a higher degree of certainty in being able to participate in BAYS and thus their team entries will be more realistic

This puts our season start AFTER the 9/16 “start” of school, which feels better — MIAA also came out today with a decision to delay any “start” to their fall sports schedules until 9/16 as well.

Given the unprecedented circumstances, and since we do not have time for a formal vote on this matter, I am putting this out there so that clubs are aware. The majority of the Executive Committee and the Fall Scenario Planning committee members agree with this recommendation.

August 12th

Dear KPSA Families-

After a meeting with Boston Area Youth Soccer (BAYS) and Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association (MYSA), King Philip Soccer (KPSA) is releasing all wait-listed players and asking that everyone complete check out NOT LATER than tomorrow at 5:00PM. Registration will officially close tomorrow at 5:00. Anyone that is not yet registered or wait-listed can log into their Admin Sports account and complete registration and payment prior to tomorrow at 5:00.

PLEASE NOTE, we are very much pressed for time and if your registration is not completed by the dead line you will not be able to participate in the fall session. NO EXCEPTIONS.

We will be opening the volunteer section at the same time so while you complete check out you will have the option to volunteer as a coach. Please select that option if you are interested in coaching. Please do not simply place it in the comments or you will not be considered. There will be guidelines pertaining to coaching forthcoming and will be relayed to all coaches at a later date.

There will be "return to play" guidelines set forth by MYSA and BAYS in the next few days. Once those guidelines are released they will be conveyed to all families.

Please note NO REFUNDS will be given under any circumstances should you decide at a later date you no longer want to play. KPSA is responsible to third party processing fees and to multiple organizations that are non refundable. We chose to issue refunds to all players in the spring and we were not refunded, accordingly absorbing those expenses. With that said, BAYS has committed to providing pro-rated refunds to all towns should the season be cut short. In that unfortunate circumstance we will pass those pro-rated refunds on to the families.

We are not asking families to purchase uniforms this season so that option will not be available upon completion of registration. Pinnies will be provided at the beginning of the season for each child.

Due to the current pandemic and all of the safety steps that organizations such as King Philip Soccer need to adhere to with the new strict commonwealths Guidelines and Requirement, we are postponing all tryouts currently. We will revisit our ability to entertain tryouts in the future and provide you an update of any changes. Thank you.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and willingness to be flexible with KPSA as we navigate these troubling times.

Please be safe. 

August 11th

KPSA is re opening registration for "last call" for any players grade 7/8 that would like to play soccer this fall.

Bays is looking to plan a 10 week season starting September 12th.

We do not have complete details as of yet so we are still going to have everyone follow the registration protocols set forth below, register without completing check out. This is the only option you will be given as registration is being opened under "wait list". This does not mean you are "wait listed" it is an administration tool in order for us to get everyone signed up without collecting fees until we know for sure there will be a season. Please do not email us and ask us why you are wait listed, this is normal.

We are asking that you also do not email us and ask us if you "did it right". You will receive a notice after you register. We will be emailing everyone registered on or around August 13th to complete payment. Payment must be made within 24 hours of the notice or you will be dropped. Unfortunately we are adhering to BAYS guidelines right now and are under tight time restraints.

We can not answer any of your questions yet pertaining to "return to play" guidelines. We will hopefully have an answer for you on our around August 13th.

Thank you for your patience and we look forward to seeing all of the kids out there again.

August 5th

Dear KPSA Families-

The KPSA BOD is asking that parents please refrain from sending us individual emails with questions that we are un able to answer. At this time we are refraining from answering individual emails as we do not have any answers to questions other than what has already been conveyed. We want to see the kids out there playing as much as you do however, this is still out of our control. We ask that you take a moment to scroll down and read all of the "updates" provided in this thread. Here are a few more q&a that may assist with any lingering questions;

Q -When will the last call for registration take place?

A- We do not know. That depends on if and when BAYS and MYSA clear us for a season. Q- How long will last call be open for and how how will I be notified? A- We will notify anyone who is in the KPSA data base, we will post it here on our web site, we will notify all of the tri towns registrars and Presidents. We will leave it open as long as as we can. Please check this site frequently if you are concerned about missing a message. Ask friends who have kids that are already registered to notify you should they receive an email.

Q - I did not see an area to volunteer to coach when I registered.

A- Correct, In can effort to streamline this process given all of the uncertainty of the future, there is no area to volunteer or purchase uniforms. We will send further instructions for both should we be fortunate enough to have a season in the fall.

We are hopeful to send all good news sometime in the near future.

Best to all of the families and stay safe.

July 31

KPSA registration is now closed.

If you successfully registered by following the instructions below, topi received an email this morning. If you do not receive an email, that means you did not register. Do not panic! We will re open registration for "last call" at the same time we allow everyone who registered under the wait list guidelines to checkout.

Please check here often as we will update you as we are updated.

July 22nd

Due to the recent push back in a decision for fall sports KPA is extending the registration deadline period to July 31st. This means you must register BEFORE July 31st. Registration on July 31st will be considered late.

For information on how to proceed please read the notes below from the previous post on July 8th

July 8th

Those hoping for an MIAA season come September can breathe a sigh of relief that while on hold, there still remains the possibility of fall athletics.

On Tuesday afternoon, the MIAA Board of Directors unanimously voted to adopt the MIAA COVID-19 Task Force's recommendation to delay the start of all fall sports until Sept. 14, ensuring athletics do not begin until schools are back in session.

While the MIAA has announced a start date to the fall season, athletics still hinge on guidelines set to be released by the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs (EEA) and the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE). Those two agencies, in coordination with Gov. Charlie Baker's office, will announce sometime in early August what fall sports if any can safely be played at the high school level. That report will follow transportation guidance for schools that DESE is set to release at the end of this week.

"Pushing the season back just makes the most sense across the board", Cambridge Rindge & Latin Athletic Director and board member Tom Arria said. "It would not make sense to have plans for school, which we're all trying to get back to, and then have to change them because of outcomes in athletics before those schools are set to open." 

Registration is now open. All families that wish to participate in Fall soccer may log in and register. We are asking that you follow all steps but do not check out. This will give us a good idea as to how many we have if the state decides to move forward with fall sports. Here is the most recent communication regarding fall sports. Registration will close on July 21st so please do not wait. Please understand we do not know what lies ahead or, if we will have a fall season. We are being guided by the State and MYSA. As soon as we have information we will update everyone.

Below is a link to the Massachusetts Current Guide & Standards.