August 11th

KPSA is re opening registration for "last call" for any players grade 7/8 that would like to play soccer this fall.

Bays is looking to plan a 10 week season starting September 12th.

We do not have complete details as of yet so we are still going to have everyone follow the registration protocols set forth below, register without completing check out. This is the only option you will be given as registration is being opened under "wait list". This does not mean you are "wait listed" it is an administration tool in order for us to get everyone signed up without collecting fees until we know for sure there will be a season. Please do not email us and ask us why you are wait listed, this is normal.

We are asking that you also do not email us and ask us if you "did it right". You will receive a notice after you register. We will be emailing everyone registered on or around August 13th to complete payment. Payment must be made within 24 hours of the notice or you will be dropped. Unfortunately we are adhering to BAYS guidelines right now and are under tight time restraints.

We can not answer any of your questions yet pertaining to "return to play" guidelines. We will hopefully have an answer for you on our around August 13th.

Thank you for your patience and we look forward to seeing all of the kids out there again.

August 5th

Dear KPSA Families-

The KPSA BOD is asking that parents please refrain from sending us individual emails with questions that we are un able to answer. At this time we are refraining from answering individual emails as we do not have any answers to questions other than what has already been conveyed. We want to see the kids out there playing as much as you do however, this is still out of our control. We ask that you take a moment to scroll down and read all of the "updates" provided in this thread. Here are a few more q&a that may assist with any lingering questions;

Q -When will the last call for registration take place?

A- We do not know. That depends on if and when BAYS and MYSA clear us for a season. Q- How long will last call be open for and how how will I be notified? A- We will notify anyone who is in the KPSA data base, we will post it here on our web site, we will notify all of the tri towns registrars and Presidents. We will leave it open as long as as we can. Please check this site frequently if you are concerned about missing a message. Ask friends who have kids that are already registered to notify you should they receive an email.

Q - I did not see an area to volunteer to coach when I registered.

A- Correct, In can effort to streamline this process given all of the uncertainty of the future, there is no area to volunteer or purchase uniforms. We will send further instructions for both should we be fortunate enough to have a season in the fall.

We are hopeful to send all good news sometime in the near future.

Best to all of the families and stay safe.

July 31

KPSA registration is now closed.

If you successfully registered by following the instructions below, topi received an email this morning. If you do not receive an email, that means you did not register. Do not panic! We will re open registration for "last call" at the same time we allow everyone who registered under the wait list guidelines to checkout.

Please check here often as we will update you as we are updated.

July 22nd

Due to the recent push back in a decision for fall sports KPA is extending the registration deadline period to July 31st. This means you must register BEFORE July 31st. Registration on July 31st will be considered late.

For information on how to proceed please read the notes below from the previous post on July 8th

July 8th

Those hoping for an MIAA season come September can breathe a sigh of relief that while on hold, there still remains the possibility of fall athletics.

On Tuesday afternoon, the MIAA Board of Directors unanimously voted to adopt the MIAA COVID-19 Task Force's recommendation to delay the start of all fall sports until Sept. 14, ensuring athletics do not begin until schools are back in session.

While the MIAA has announced a start date to the fall season, athletics still hinge on guidelines set to be released by the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs (EEA) and the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE). Those two agencies, in coordination with Gov. Charlie Baker's office, will announce sometime in early August what fall sports if any can safely be played at the high school level. That report will follow transportation guidance for schools that DESE is set to release at the end of this week.

"Pushing the season back just makes the most sense across the board", Cambridge Rindge & Latin Athletic Director and board member Tom Arria said. "It would not make sense to have plans for school, which we're all trying to get back to, and then have to change them because of outcomes in athletics before those schools are set to open." 

Registration is now open. All families that wish to participate in Fall soccer may log in and register. We are asking that you follow all steps but do not check out. This will give us a good idea as to how many we have if the state decides to move forward with fall sports. Here is the most recent communication regarding fall sports. Registration will close on July 21st so please do not wait. Please understand we do not know what lies ahead or, if we will have a fall season. We are being guided by the State and MYSA. As soon as we have information we will update everyone.

Below is a link to the Massachusetts Current Guide & Standards.


Update June 12th

Dear KPSA Families-

As we move into the summer, we are reminded that fall is not far off and we know that many of you are probably wondering what lies ahead. The KPSA BOD has been working hard in an attempt to try and come up with some stability for the fall season. As much as we would like to have a solid plan, uncertainty still lingers. We are doing our best with planning and anticipating a fall season. Outlined below is how KPSA plans to proceed as of now: KPSA will open registration on July 1st.

We will ask that all participants choose "deferred billing" and pay only $10 towards registration. We will customize this option within Admin Sports and further instructions will be sent just prior to registration opening. We are proceeding with caution and in the unfortunate event that we are unable to proceed with a fall season, this registration process eliminates the need for refunds. It is important to note that the $10 fee is non-refundable. In the event that the fall season is green lighted, the non-refundable $10 will be applied to registration fees. As all towns are in a unique situation with fielding teams and placements, KPSA will hold some form of an evaluation for incoming seventh graders only. Eighth graders that played with us last fall will not be attending and will be placed based on past data. BAYS has asked that we encourage all involved to adopt the BAYS mindset as we navigate through these uncertain times. A brief outline of the mindset is as follows:

Celebration of Soccer The Fall 2020 Season should be more about celebrating the kids playing the game, then results.

Go/No Go Overall For guidance about playing the fall season, BAYS will look to the same sources used to decide the spring season. The Fall season will not start unless all these sources agree that it is safe for children to play outdoor, inter-town sports this fall.

  • Massachusetts Youth Soccer
  • Status of schools
  • Centers for Disease Control
  • Mass. Department of Health
  • Federal and state authorities
  • MIAA controls high school sports

Season Length/Structure We decided to plan for a 10-game season structured as normal with tiered divisions and sections. This is all of the information we have as of now. As soon as we have more information to share you will be updated. We will touch base with everyone as we closer to the July 1st registration open date.

Thank you for your continued patience and understanding.

Update May 8th

Dear KPSA Families-

We have had a few emails pertaining to the time frame on refunds. As mentioned below Admin Sports has agreed to process the refunds for KPSA on our behalf. They are not only processing our refunds but many other towns as well. Every town is doing something different with regards to refunds so they have allot of work on their hands. In addition we have had some very generous families donate their registration fees. That will delay the process slightly as it creates some manual work (removing families from the batch refund). We ask that you please remain patient during this time and trust in our organization and its board members that you will be refunded in full.

Thank you and be well.

Update April 25

Dear KPSA Families-

We hope this email finds you and your families are safe and well.

We are sure all of you are aware or familiar with the current and ongoing situation with the coronavirus and how all school and sports activities are being cancelled. Accordingly, under the guidance of BAYS and Mass Youth Soccer KPSA will not have a spring soccer season. With that stated, we currently do not have any idea what the future holds for the upcoming fall season either.

BAYS has chosen to refund participating member towns 75% of all fees paid. (the info on that is in a direct email from BAYS below) For our organization, KPSA, this means they are retaining 25% of registration fees to cover their respective costs incurred. Admin Sports is not refunding any of their respective administration fees. We have investigated how other organizations are proceeding with regards to refunds and the “majority” are refunding 70%; with others doing some type of refund between 75-90%.

With what has transpired to date and the economic impact that is currently being felt by many, this afternoon the KPSA Board agreed and voted to return 100% of all fees paid by our families. This means we, as an organization, will absorb the fees and other costs incurred from BAYS and Admin Sports. The Board decided this is the right thing to do for members of our organization.

We will be having Admin Sports issue refunds accordingly to all families who have registered for the Spring season 2020. These refunds will include any uniforms or other expenses. While we would love to give everyone the option of “rolling over” their spring registration fees, without knowing what lies ahead we feel refunding the full amount is the best option for all at this time.

Admin Sports will begin processing the refunds within approximately 48-72 hours. As with all credit card transactions there will be a short delay before it will appear on your statements. We ask that you please be patient and rest assured that your refund will post.

KPSA is a non profit organization and is managed by volunteers. If there are any families choosing not to receive their registration fees back and would like for them to be donated to KPSA, please let us know as soon as possible and no later than Wednesday, April 29 at 5 pm.

We will continue to post updates on our website when we receive them.

We thank all of you for your trust,patience and understanding and we hope to see all of the kids out there playing soon.

Please stay safe and healthy, and wash your hands!

Respectfully Yours, KPSA Board

Update - April 22

There will be no Spring season. See below from BAYS. We ask that everyone please be patient while as an organization decide how best to proceed. We will be reaching out to everyone as soon as we have some answers from our governing organizations including Admin Sports. Thank you for your patience

Hello All Town Presidents, Treasurers, Registrars, Travel Directors, and Referee Assignors,

It is with great reluctance that I share this news. Based on Governor Charlie Baker’s decision to close Massachusetts schools through June, the Boston Area Youth Soccer League’s Board of Directors has decided to cancel its Spring 2020 schedule.

We have consistently maintained that if the schools were closed many parents would be uneasy about having their children participate in an inter-town travel soccer program. Functionally, many towns noted that if the schools were closed, they would not have access to the field space required to run their clubs.

This was a tough decision to make, but we believe that it is the right call to keep our children safe.

Team Refunds As we mentioned during the April 8 BAYS board meeting, the league will return roughly 75% of the spring team registration fees that we collected from towns to run the spring schedule, net of any previously outstanding balances due. We will process the checks as quickly as possible.

The money we retain will be used to pay for our technology contract, pay the salaries of our two part-time employees, start paying off the debt of $56,000 that was inadvertently deposited in our account, cover anticipated audit related costs, and other fees expenses required to support the league.

Friendlies BAYS has published the final placements created for the Spring 2020 season. You can find that information here: We have published the placements because if the bans are lifted on large gatherings and all authorities have determined that it is safe to play soccer again, we want you to have a list of similarly ranked teams made into divisions and sections in case your town club wants to organize friendlies in the late spring or summer. Where assigned, coach contact information for all the teams is available on the Teams by Town pages.

Insurance Regarding insurance, any child who was registered with Mass Youth Soccer in the Fall 2019 season will be covered through August 31, 2020, if they are playing in town sanctioned and organized activities. Any child who wants to take part in tryouts or other activities for their town but is NOT registered with Mass Youth Soccer would not be covered. If towns already completed/paid for their spring player affiliation, the town can either apply to Mass Youth for a full refund for those players who will not be stepping on a field, or let the affiliation stand so that those players may be covered for any sanctioned tryout or organized summer activities that occur.

Other opportunities We have spoken with Mass Youth Soccer Executive Director Michael Borislow and he is committed to trying to find ways to get as many children on the soccer field as soon as it is safe. So, while BAYS may have canceled its spring schedule, there may be opportunities for our children to play later this spring or summer. We and Mass Youth Soccer will keep you informed.

Looking ahead to the fall There will certainly be challenges kicking off the fall season. For example, we don’t know when it will be safe to hold tryouts. Many families will have suffered financial hardship. Those families that can afford to pay registration fees, may be reluctant to do so until the last minute.

As a result of all these uncertainties, we are putting together a fall task force that will help our league and towns prepare for the fall season, if we have one. We are looking for volunteers from the towns to help with this task force. Please reach out to me directly if you want to be a part of this critical team that will help us chart a path forward through unfathomable waters.

Disappointment This is a difficult time and filled with lots of disappointment and regret. At BAYS, we are committed to putting as many children on the field as possible in a fun, safe, and competitive environment. I look forward to a time when it is safe for our children to play the sport that we love.


Update: Since Governor Baker has now closed the schools until May 4, it is obvious that the KPSA/BAYS season cannot start until May 9, at the earliest. The key takeaway here, is that things change rapidly and we must be flexible.

3/25/2020 - BAYS Season Update

Mass Youth and MIAA

On Sunday 3/22, the Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association (Mass Youth) sent an email that extended the ban on soccer activities through April 26. This means soccer activities (tryouts, practices, in-person meetings, etc.) cannot begin until April 27 at the earliest. The email also said soccer games may not begin until May 2. Recap of March 17 All-BAYS call

Based on what we currently know, the spring soccer season will now kick off on Saturday, May 2nd. BAYS will schedule the 10 season games with a start date of April 25, but this first game will be considered an automatic “rain-out” to be made up if possible, but without penalty of a forfeit. Games will now be scheduled on Memorial Day weekend, with the last scheduled game on June 27.

Additional news is that to allow for more game weeks in the regular schedule for all Grade 3-8 teams, BAYS will not participate in the MTOC for either the eligible Grade 6 or Grade 8 teams. BAYS HS Competitive 11v11 Teams will still participate in MTOC (if it happens) since their season is only seven games, which allows for enough time for BAYS Playoffs. HS teams will also start on May 2 (see Update above).

If there are additional start date delays, BAYS will reduce the length of the season as necessary. BAYS will provide towns with at least a two-week notice before the season starts. On the call, we decided that a five-week season is the shortest season we would play. This means that the latest season start date could be May 30 to allow for at least a five-game season. BAYS will decide by May 16 whether to cancel the season or play this five-game schedule.

For guidance about when to play the season, BAYS is looking to the sources listed below. The season will not start unless all these sources agree that it is safe for children to play outdoor sports this spring.

Massachusetts Youth Soccer Status of schools Centers for Disease Control & Mass. Department of Health Federal and state authorities MIAA – controls high school sports

At this Time KPSA is NOT issuing refunds. We are asking that everyone please be patient until we have a final decision on what lies ahead. The latest date that we will have a final decision is May 16th. Once we do we will then provide options to our spring participants.

We appreciate everyones patience and cooperation during this unfortunate time.


Welcome to King Philip Youth Soccer!

KPSA fields competitive travel soccer teams (U13/U14 in the Fall and U14 - U18 in the Spring) for players living in Norfolk, Plainville and Wrentham