KPSA welcomes new coaches every season. We know that our players benefit from a variety of coaching styles and that players need new stimuli to grow and improve.

A good set of practice plans are available at MA Youth Soccer:

Another set of practice plans from US Youth Soccer:

Soccer Coach Weekly also provides some practice plans that may be helpful:

Coach's Code of Conduct

Please refer to the following link as it provides information as it relates to the Massachusetts Youth Soccer Coach's Code of Conduct.   Code of Conduct 

Coaches Training

Coach Licensing class will teach you how to use these plans through actual, live practices. A current listing of Licensure Courses can be found at Course Schedule. 

Optimally, coaches will be licensed through the "D" level.

Mandatory Concussion Training

BAYS now requires that all coaches complete mandatory concussion training prior to coaching in BAYS. This training is offered by the CDC and can be done in the home on any computer. It takes 20 to 30 minutes to complete. At the end of the training session there will be a list of questions you need to answer and when you are done a certificate will pop up. You type in your name and save the PDF file. Retain the PDF file as proof that you completed the training - you must submit the PDF file to the KPSA Registrar just as with the CORI. Note: once you log out your information will NOT be saved so keep the PDF file!

CDC concussion training

CORI and Coach's Card

Please make sure that you have a current CORI and a Coach's Card. To update CORI, visit Mass Youth Soccer CORI.

If you already have a Coach's Card, all you'll need is this season's sticker. If you do not have a coach's card, please send a current "headshot" to [email protected] and we'll prepare your coach's card. You must have a coach's card with a current season sticker to be in the technical area (on the side of the field opposite the spectators) and every team must have one adult with a coach's card to compete.


We expect to distribute your team's new uniforms at the Coaches Meeting.

Coach's Polo

We will provide you with a Coach's Polo Shirt.


We expect to distribute a team equipment bag to each team at the Coaches Meeting. As in past years, this bag includes 3-5 balls, ~15 pinnies of a single color, goalie gloves, first-aid kit, ice packs, cones/discs, pump / needles and related training equipment.